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Most of the gamers who are into the League of Legends game don’t find spending money a big problem in the beginning since they are addicted to the masterpiece. Later and most often, a player usually asks himself ‘how much money have I spent on League?’ The reason is the game’s requirement of asking for payment for the characters. The game bounds the players to choose between playing or leaving the platform. This is because at one point, the videogame becomes unpaid and users have to pay for its features in order to keep enjoying it. Surprisingly, there are so many people attracted to the game and a figure in millions defines the number of active players spending a lot of money on it. 

How Much Money Have I Spent on League? The Wonderment of Every Gamer

League of Legends is the one particular online game that encourages a player to have intrapersonal communication with itself. The talk consists of one question: how much money have I spent on League? The very wonderment leads to the game’s algorithm, which is designed for gamers to pay actual Euros and Dollars so that they can earn Riot points. 

Initially, the game costs nothing since it is free to play. But as the players progress and encounter new features, gadgets, and avatars, it becomes costly. It urges and raises massive temptations among the addicted users and left them with no other choice but to buy the desired items. 

There are a few reasons behind the attraction towards paying for the stuff. Though the skins, characters, and gadgets are free, though it takes time to avail such things. New players whose social circle with similar interests somehow encourage them to get items faster by paying for them. It starts with the selection of champions that the gamers begin their game with. The users can either go with the choice of free champions capsules, which by the way will be taken away while the gamers are enjoying them, or they can buy the champs by giving away some dollars and euros. 

The game seems like cigarettes since one or two doesn’t affect a person but a whole pack turns out to be a disaster for health. In the same manner, buying champions doesn’t look expensive and the users can easily pay for them for just a few dollars. But when they realize that they might have bought more than 150 champs and it cost them more than $600, the regression takes over instantly. This is the moment when the players ask themselves the famous question. How much money the game has snatched away from them. 

How Much Costly the Game Gets for Gamers?

League of Legends is a tricky game in terms of managing the prices of items. The game has more than 6 categories of purchasable items which have fixed costs. The items are:

Event passes for $10 each

Wands and Icons for $5 each

Time has a flexible price range and players can’t just buy it once. 

Skins cost $5 – $100

Champions’ price is $2 – $10

Hextech Crafting and chests for $02 – $50

When a gamer’s addiction finally wears off and he/she asks ‘how much money have I spent on League?’ the total tally becomes astonishing. 

How Many Users Play the League of Legends?

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games with paid gadgets and items. A massive number of gamers join the platform and spend time and money on it. Over the years, the game has gained so much popularity that almost every online gamer has checked it out. In 2014, 65 million people were playing it, which was believed to be a success symbol for the LOL team. In 2017 the game became a hub for more than 100 million users. However, its downfall came in 2018 when the rate of gamers dropped to 75 million. In 2020, it scored even better and broke its 2017 record by maintaining 100-120 million players. In 2021, the monthly active gamers are 115 million. It is still gaining more popularity with time and an even larger number of new and old gamers are joining the crowd. Maybe the trend for every gamer to ask ‘How much money have I spent on League?isn’t going to stop after all. This legacy of gamers will probably map more lengths. 

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