African Legal Translation Services in Dubai

African Legal Translation Services in Dubai: The very nature of legal documents and contracts makes them nearly impossible for any non-native speaker to understand. Even native speakers of English struggle to comprehend some passages or clauses in contracts. Legal translation services in JLT (for official use) are very important as these documents are used on a daily basis by corporations, business, governmental institutes, non-governmental organizations and even ordinary individuals. Translating legal documents like contracts or agreements in English, the language of the law, is extremely time consuming.

Legal translation can be very expensive but with a little research you can get good quality translation for a reasonable rate. There are two ways to go for it – either outsourcing the translation from a company located in Africa like ours or hiring an attorney/translator with knowledge of the local languages. While the first method will work well for many people, the latter will prove more beneficial for the clients using the legal translation service. The reason being that different parts of the world will have different legal systems and languages. An African Legal Translator/ Attorney may be an absolute necessity in some African countries.

As per statistics, there are nearly twenty languages spoken in Africa but only a few legal translation companies offer their services in those languages. These companies may offer a variety of languages but most commonly they focus on English only. Legal translators or interpreters also help in completing various papers/treatments and translating them into the local languages. Since documents and legal drafts are mostly prepared in English, it is imperative that a translator who knows the local languages be hired to do the job.

The legal market in Dubai is huge and one of the fastest growing industries in this emirate. Legal translation services in Dubai are thriving here as well. Many companies have now started offering their services in different languages to reach out to the local market. There are many law firms and corporate houses that are hiring these professional law translators. Companies that are in need of legal translations are finding it easier to outsource their legal documents and other forms of document preparation to African legal translators.

The major reason why companies hire certified legal translators and interpreters in Dubai is that they find it easier to have their documents translated into local languages as per the requirement. So while choosing your legal translation services in JLT make sure you check that the firm offers services in the local languages of the country you are in. If the firm offers services in more than one language, that would be a good sign.

Many companies are choosing to outsource their legal documents and business negotiations to African law firms because they offer high quality legal translation services at very affordable prices. The company’s legal interpreters and translators are updated on the latest industry trends so they can give you accurate translations. They are aware of the regional differences in language, culture and legal practices and so provide translations that are error free, clear and concise. They are trained in English communication and know how to use English effectively and so ensure that the translation is accurate and concise. Many legal firms have now started offering their services in various languages including the language of UAE.

Companies often need to distribute sensitive corporate materials and confidential information across the world including legal translations. Legal interpretation is not just about translating between different country languages but it involves understanding the culture and tradition of the country where the document is being translated. This is very important for UAE legal translation. For example, if you want to issue company certificates in Dubai, UAE laws demand that companies’ management certificates are presented in the native language of the country.

You can find several high-quality legal translation services that provide a wide range of communication solutions for clients across the world including Dubai and UAE. We recommend that you choose a company that can provide you with both interpretation and translation services in a variety of languages, as the combined solutions offered by these companies are often best for your business. To get a complete listing of all the African countries and their available legal translation services, visit the African Legal Translation Service Directory today.

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