8 Google SEO Tips for Page One Results

If you use these tips and tricks to enhance your SEO. We hope this article will help you in getting your expected higher rankings on 1st page of Google. Do let us know if any of the tips worked for you in the comment section or if you have any tips for your fellow readers do mention them as well.

These days the internet is flooded with different kinds of SEO tips. There are many tips available out there that ensure your ranking or traffic. But as we know key factors always remain the same. You have to make sure you are making proper use of old fundamentals or not. You can approach different digital marketing firms in India for SEO strategies now.

Like ranking for different keywords is not necessary, choosing the right keywords is most important. It will drive more traffic or boost your sales. We have provided you some techniques that have the potential to increase your rankings.

Here are the 8 SEO tips given by digital marketing firm in India for improving your ranking:

Get Relevant Backlinks From Other Websites

You can’t imagine search engine optimization without link building technique. Getting relevant backlinks or internal linking are major key factors nowadays to rank higher. People think that linking to other sites can decrease your traffic because you are sending your website traffic to someone else’s website.

But it’s wrong. If you practice linking to the relevant content of others, it will make your content more catchy or valuable for the readers. You can surely email them or notify the other websites about your partnership with them. If your content seems informative to them, they will link back to you.

While reading your post, when people reach out to different helpful posts. It will increase your number of readers as well as backlinks.

Get Optimal Website Speed

No matter how much engaging content you are posting or how many social media influencers you worked with, there is no guarantee of visitors coming back to your website once they drop from your website. But slow site speed can irritate your visitors a lot whenever they visit your website. Now, this needs to be fixed!

Try to remove every single error that increases your page loading speed. Long loading time can create a huge bounce rate for your website & one of the massive mistakes if you want to rank on the first page.

Make Use Of Analytics

Setting up a Google analytics account is the ultimate solution for your website. It solves many of your problems related to engagement or backlinking. Making use of analytics can tell whether your content can generate enough traffic or not.

You can even find out which of your marketing is performing well is it from PPC, SEO, or social media. You can make your techniques more effective after taking a look at Google analytics.

Write Well Crafted Meta Tag Description

Making proper meta tags for pages or posts is the most neglected factor by the people while doing SEO. Always try to make relevant & meaningful meta descriptions for the posts that tell people instantly, what the whole content is all about. This is the first thing your readers are going to read before coming to your website.

Repetitive or blank meta descriptions can be a major turn down for the readers because nobody wants to read such content if they are not getting a proper idea of whether your post will solve their query or not.

Regular Post On Social Media Handles

Social media platforms are a game-changer nowadays. It is the most crucial factor of Google rankings. They used to have a lot of engagement that is why they can impact your search engine rankings if you use your social media properly.

You have to post regularly about your blog posts, updates, or offers related to your services to engage more and more followers with your brand. Try to create useful content & encourage your followers to share your content with others. Add share buttons in the post or you can create different quizzes & contests to get more shares.

Keep URL Structure Simple For Every Second

Creating a simple & readable URL for every post or page is essential. Making irrelevant URLs can confuse search engine crawlers about the page content which is a major distraction while indexing or ultimately affects ranking. You can make the URLs long with words & dashes.

They have to be relevant & understandable but try to stay away from the characters & numbers in the URLs. It can create a lot of problems in ranking or indexing. Try to make the URL of three to four words easy to understand or memorize by the readers.

Writes Unique & Detailed Content For Every Page

Many people used to create content most of the time only to rank on Google that can be disastrous in the long run. Try to write engaging or valuable content for the readers first, and then optimize it according to the search engines.

Writing useful content makes the user experience better & builds trust among the audience. The content that helps someone can engage more users & become valuable for everyone. As well as there has to be regularly posting on your website to keep the traffic engage.

Use Right Keywords In Images

Google has a particular image section for ranking images. Ranked images can also create a lot of web traffic. You just need to use the right keywords for your images used in the website or posts.

Make use of proper keywords in the alt tag or caption. It makes it easy for the Google search engine to suggest your image whenever a user searches for the query related to your image. Try to rank on the SERP or in the image section as well to get more traffic.


If you do not have time for proper optimization of content. Take a help from a digital marketing firm in India.

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